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  1. Touching and intimacy

    Today’s society is dysfunctional about human relations and touch in particular. A mixture of trends including political and economic atomisation, the nuclear family, compulsory heterosexuality and perhaps technical development are removing touch from the common base of experience of adults and even some children. The results are not good.

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  2. No laughing matter: suicide

    Published: 26/01/2016, 13:00 CET
    Updated: 26/01/2016, 13:25 CET
    By modulus

    In life.

    tags: english

    I don’t know if it’s an odd coincidence, but I know a fairly large number of people who told me they were seriously considering ending their life. I’m completely unqualified to help them and I wonder how common it is out there. Something is seriously wrong with the world. (If you talked to me about it, don’t worry, there’s no private information on this post.)

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