Tired today

Ideally one would go to bed at regular hours, wake up early and quickly, have a solid breakfast, and keep healthy self-reinforcing habits. Daily life is a lot more draining than that, however, and it's difficult to keep to such a routine. I haven't slept all that well for several days, and last night was not an exception. I woke up several times around 7, 9, and finally 10. Breakfast was tea and juice, and here I am.

Today I sat a tutorial for the civil service exam. We begin, nominally, at 1700, but often there's a lot of chatter before the thing starts out properly speaking. We get assigned a topic and have to write it up, and it takes me usually from 45 minutes to an hour to do so. We ended up starting around 1800, and it was a long detailed topic about the application of criminal law to civil servants and authorities. I didn't finish until 1900 or so and then I had to look at chairs.

A digression. A few years ago I was bought a chair. Instead of, as reason demands, letting me choose it, it was chosen for me, and thus I was sentenced to discomfort, for as long as it lasted. For good or bad fortune, the fabric of the chair proved not to be very durable, and the same can be said about its structural elements. This meant today I had to go shopping for chairs, which is a little annoying when all one wants to do is go home and rest.

The particular chair I was looking for proved not to be available, and from the others, there was nothing entirely satisfactory. So tomorrow it's more chairs for me, although at least it won't be on top of a topic in administrative law, fates be thanked.

And so to leisure.