About modulus

Who am I?

I’m the author of this blog, an avid IRC user of the Freenode Libera network (you can talk to me on ##marxism and ##politics, inter alia), and I like reading and writing. My primary areas of interest are mathematics, computer science/programming, politics, law and literature, though I also enjoy reading about history, economics, and more or less whatever comes my way outside of critical theory.

I live in Southern Europe, but I’ve been to an international school in my formative years and spent long periods of time in other countries, which makes me a bit of an eternal outsider, or third culture kid, as they say in the literature. Perhaps travel isn’t indispensable to broaden the mind, but I can say it definitely worked for me, and I recommend it to everyone. While I consider digital nomadism a little superficial and hipster, there are useful lessons to draw from disassociating oneself from a given nation and place.

What can I do?

I’m not great at talking about myself and my abilities. It makes me uncomfortable, but it seems like the sort of thing one should do. So I’ll get it out of the way.

There’s a lot of bad things about me too, but I don’t think I’ll bother with those.

What do I believe?

I am an atheist, a communist, a marxist, a determinist, a scientific realist, and an advocate for strong typing. Depending who you are one of those may put you off. I’m mostly open to discussion, but unlikely to change my mind on these. I’ve thought long about them.

How can you contact me?

The fastest way to contact me is probably through IRC, if I’m online and awake (which I usually am). For things which don’t require real-time replies, or which would be impractical to discuss on IRC at length, email is preferred.

If you decide to contact me, I have some suggestions.

Anything else?

I like folk music, historical novels, written speculative fiction including science fiction and fantasy (not interested in visual media), erotic stories, wine, cheese, tea, formal poetry, comparative law, operations research and generally lots of nerd stuff. I enjoy talking about ideas more than things and things more than people. I’m agnostic about the Oxford comma and prefer etymological plurals (pinna pinnae, octopus octopodes). Oh, and I’m blind.