Audio interviews

A while ago, I decided to do some audio interviews with some members of the ##politics channel. There were several reasons for it, from curiosity to trying to decrease hostility and remind everyone there’s a human on the other side of the link. Whether and to what extent they succeeded in this is, I suppose, questionable.

I lost most of these data when I didn’t renew one of my hosting contracts, as I had found a better deal. Unfortunately I forgot to back things up and the renewal date caught me unaware. I have, however, recovered it, thanks to ron_o, and while it’s quite old stuff (probably neither me nor the interviewees would stand 100% with our views from then) I think it’s still good to place it back into circulation:

I acknowledge some of the people may not wish to have their interviews online. If that is the case, you can find my contact details here, and I will, of course, honour your request. Of course, you can simply tell me on IRC.